Reborning, Sculpting and Painting Silicone Babies are just some of the
forms of art
I have developed over the years,

These have Included :

Illustration of books ... murals ... chalk board menus ... portraits and caricatures ... ticket writing ... greeting cards ... ink line drawing ... large personalized cards ... sketching with charcoal, pastels, conte chalks and pencils ... painting in oil and water colour ... designing and making my own line of clothing ... and the art of music has also been a joy in my life, writing music and lyrics.

Creating my Babies has become a real passion, I love the challenge of making each and every baby unique and as real as possible. 

This is one of the most rewarding forms of art.

My Silicone Babies are hand sculpted by
'me' out of an oil based clay.

The molds are then cast by Ian my husband
and poured in super soft eccoflex
silicone in our studio.
I have researched and experimented
with several different types of silicones,
and along side Mark, and have settled on
and eccoflex in my opinion is the
best silicone for my babies.
I paint my babies with my own form of paints
anD there are matt down, so they are not sticky
or shiny - the skin feels beautiful.

Many hours go into this delicate procedure
of creating a hand made baby...
but it's worth it as they looks s'real !

I've spent years of expense, trial and error,
to achieve my dream ...


Silicone Baby RUBY
Limited Addition of 10 babies ONLY world wide.


ROYAL Silicone Baby
Royal World Wide Limited Eddition of only 6.

No. 1 of the eddition is being displayed
in the Czech Republic Museum.


Silicone Baby ALLIE
Limited Addition of 15 babies ONLY world wide.





Allie was born weighing 10lb 4oz
and 23" in length.

All babies will come home with
several different outfits ... Baby blanket ...
His / her Favourite toy ... Diaper/nappy ... paci ...
Adoption Papers, Birth Certificate ...
Her very own gold bracelet / His amber beads.

Payment Details.

I accept a Bank tranfer, Western Union and pay pal from all customs.
If you have any questions, please contact me at
[email protected]

Selena xx

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